YPI Scotland

As the 2021/22 academic year draws to a close, our central YPI team reflects on the challenges and achievements of the year, and the renewed ambition as we look forward to the new session.

Alex Reid, YPI Delivery Lead:

“I am incredibly proud to have seen 250 schools the length and breadth of Scotland show commitment, innovation, and passion to deliver YPI and empower their students.

“This year has not been without challenge as Covid continued to greatly impact schools. The leaps in digital literacy have supported schools to be adaptable.

“We’ve seen flexibility and a can-do attitude from our Lead Teachers and their teams which have been incredibly important to ensure young people are benefitting from this vital opportunity. From the young people, we have seen amazing resilience and passion to be advocates.

“Now is a moment to pause, reflect, and be excited for what is to come. From Shetland to Dumfries, we are already looking forward to re-engaging with partner schools and establishing new relationships in 2022/23.”

Lynsey Brosnan, YPI Development Lead:

“YPI isn’t a static offering or a one-size-fits-all, prescribed programme. It is resourced and supported but always with a view to ensuring it has maximum impact in each context.

“We launched our Maximising Impact Sessions this year which have allowed for deep consideration of the programme’s place in individual schools. This is supporting teachers to focus on areas including creativity, whole-school buy-in, awards and accreditation, and partnerships which mean students are getting even more from their experience.

“And while we are proud of all that has been achieved, we are aware that this was another year significantly impacted by Covid-19.

“Now is a natural time to reset our full ambition for YPI. Take the lessons learned in the past two and half years and apply those to a programme that is delivering the highest-quality experience for young people to learn and grow.”

Lucia Giuntoli, YPI Partnerships Manager:

“I joined the YPI team in January and was immediately bowled over at the value The Wood Foundation places on partnerships and how these ensure programmes are having maximum impact.

“Our likeminded funding partners are more than names on a certificate. They offer vital support through mentoring and engagement. They are using their grantmaking to empower young people while funding important local causes.

“It was an absolute pleasure to host the National Event after a three-year hiatus, focussed on the theme #whyYPI. The feedback has been a pleasure to read. This opportunity to be inspired, motivated to build a legacy from the YPI experience, while reflecting and celebrating achievement was a great way to round off the year.

“I look forward to further developing our strategic partnerships to feed into our ambitious development agenda.”