We collaborate and co-invest with like-minded organisations to ensure effective implementation and to enhance impact. These include partners in government, philanthropy, development, and the private sector.

Our Principles

Everything we do is guided by our operating principles:

  • We act as a private philanthropic investor that is fully flexible to take long-term positions and place very patient capital.
  • Our bias is on high-risk, larger projects that have transformational, scalable, and replicable impact for smallholder farmers.
  • We are driven by commercial viability, but with an overriding bias on having measurable step-change on the smallholder position.

  • We place high-quality, commercial management teams on the ground and take operational lead for most of our investments.
  • We seek partnerships based on shared risk and values, trust, and transparent collaboration.
  • We institutionalise learning and knowledge sharing.

Our Partners include:

Luxmi Tea
Gatsby Charitable Foundation
Government of Rwanda