The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) is one of the biggest and most successful independent programmes being delivered in Scotland’s schools having empowered more than 170,000 young people to make a difference in their communities.

YPI is an active citizenship programme which has seen £4m granted to grassroots social services charities championed by young people.

In the current academic year, in the region of 280 secondary schools and more than 35,000 young people will take part in YPI channelling £840,000 into Scotland’s third sector.

YPI is a skills-based education programme that raises awareness of philanthropy, social issues and the needs of communities to young people. It is delivered within the curriculum as core activity, over an eight to 12-week period, across a full year group of students. Each secondary school is responsible for directing a £3000 YPI grant to a local charity through a unique programme of teamwork, research and competition.

YPI has a proven impact on personal, enterprise, employability and citizenship skills and been cited in a number of HMIE School Reports as an example of best practice in Citizenship Education.

The Wood Foundation introduced the programme, which was established by MAC Cosmetics founder Julie Toskan-Casale in Canada, to Scotland in 2008. It is delivered with the support of several like-minded co-funders.

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Making a Difference

£2 million

YPI grants awarded to social, grassroots charities


Charities continued contact with students since YPI finals


Teachers report a positive impact on key employability skills

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