The Wood Foundation is a venture philanthropic organisation; a proactive investor, project manager, and partner in societal, education, and economic development in Sub Saharan Africa and Scotland. Its management and operational teams are based in Aberdeen, UK, as well as throughout Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania.

The Wood Foundation was established in 2007 by Sir Ian Wood KT GBE and his immediate family to address societal and economic inequity locally, nationally, and internationally. Sir Ian is Executive Chairman of the organisation, supported by Africa Director David Knopp and UK Director Ali MacLachlan.

Venture Philanthropy in Africa

Through the venture philanthropy transforming livelihoods in Sub Saharan Africa portfolio, smallholder farmers are being empowered through the financing, training, support models, infrastructure, and markets to grow sustainable, successful businesses in the tea sector.

The foundation’s venture philanthropic model is also being applied in the Ugandan vanilla sector. The team is leading philanthropic investment in these regions, impacting tens of thousands of lives.

Developing Young People in Scotland

The Wood Foundation’s UK team is primarily focussed on developing young people in Scotland. The foundation works with education partners to provide opportunities for young people to develop key skills and experiences which enhance their school experience and better prepare them for the world of work.

Programmes include YPI and Excelerate. Significant investment is also made in efforts to address childhood poverty.

Facilitating Economic Development

Through its facilitating economic development activity is a principal investment in Opportunity North East – the UK’s only private sector-led economic development body.