The Wood Foundation has created a Charter for our team to outline our commitment to supporting one another to manage our personal health and wellbeing while delivering our professional roles from home in the autumn and winter months.

The Wood Foundation is committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of our team. This is embedded in our values and we recognise the current imperative if we are to offer an environment where staff can contribute, innovate, and excel. TWF believes that to succeed professionally, we must all be supported and empowered to prioritise our personal needs when required.

We will be working from home for the foreseeable future. As daylight hours become shorter The Wood Foundation, in this Charter, outlines our explicit permission for our team to allow the time and space for fresh air and fresh perspectives.

We have a collaborative Miro board which outlines some ways in which we can support ourselves and one another to navigate the autumn and winter months with the spirit and togetherness that has characterised our working relationships since March, and encourage our team to keep adding ideas to this and refer to it for inspiration.

The Wood Foundation, as a caring and supportive employer, is committing to:

  • Providing the space and flexibility for staff to have regular screen breaks.
  • Providing the space and flexibility for staff to get outside during traditional working hours.
  • Prioritising check-ins across the team, virtually and through walk and talk sessions (the latter must be done in line with current public health guidelines and as per TWF policy).
  • Facilitating occasional use of the office space as required in support of general wellbeing.

The Wood Foundation will encourage, and be supportive of, staff to:

  • Make space in your day for online breathing, yoga, and mindfulness opportunities.
  • Share lighthearted pictures and reflections across the team.
  • Have open and honest conversations with a colleague/s about how you are feeling without waiting for scheduled line manager calls.

The Wood Foundation is an open and honest employer and encourages all staff to have the confidence to speak to their line manager about concerns.

We have grown closer as a team in 2020. The work we have put in since March will reap dividends as we support one another through the challenging winter months.

Ali MacLachlan, November 2020

UK Director, The Wood Foundation