YPI Scotland

Jonathan Christie, Deputy UK Director at The Wood Foundation, outlines our commitment to empowering young people and why we have signed the #iwill Power of Youth charter.

“This is a generation-defining time, and young people are likely to be hardest hit in the long-term. Our critical collective responsibility is to empower young people to be part of the solution and realise their position, power, and potential. The extraordinary circumstances currently facing society do not, and should not, serve as the justification to pause or slow down when it comes to enabling young people, amplifying marginalised voices, and advocating for a more progressive discourse that has youth social action at its heart. It is in fact the opposite and this moment in time should be a catalyst for change.

“The principal focus of The Wood Foundation’s work in Scotland is developing young people. We are invested heavily in ensuring young people are given the opportunities, and equipped with the skills, to be the active, contributing, and successful citizens of today and the future.

“To do this in a systemic and sustainable way, partnership working, and collaborative practices are imperative. Our overarching commitment to youth social action underpins our sign-up to the Power of Youth charter and we encourage other organisations to do the same. This unified commitment to a shared value of empowerment is vitally important. Organisations can offer opportunities to young people and should also recognise the strength of insight young people can offer them.

“#iwill in Scotland has curated an influential network of young people and organisations with the shared aim of celebrating the power of youth, while extending the reach and influence of the #iwill network, cultivating new opportunities, and further elevating youth social action on the political agenda. We are proud to sit on the advisory board and to be part of such a collaborative and committed network of organisations and individuals.

“We believe that the charter provides a strong framework to align our objectives and activities and we have pledged to double down on our efforts to ensure young people’s voices remain at the heart of everything we do. This commitment runs far deeper than words on a sheet of paper. More than ever, this belief guides our everyday practice, informs the shape and design of new funding and project activity, and underpins our continued focus on developing young people in Scotland.”

16th-22nd November is #iwill #PowerofYouth week. Head to @iwillscotland for more information and to join in with a host of events and conversations.