YPI Scotland

 The Edge Foundation has produced a report about The Wood Foundation’s Excelerate investment.

Entitled ‘Towards an improved student experience: Excelerate schools in Scotland’, the report draws upon the learnings of the investment over the past four years and detailed interviews and discussions with three partner schools – Banff, Kemnay, and St Machar Academies.

The report focussed on five themes – the implementation of the investment, the role of the Business & Community Support Officer, PBL, oracy, and real-world learning.

Mel Liddell, Learning and Evaluation Manager at The Wood Foundation, said:

“This report provides a valuable independent, external perspective to the learning, challenges, and achievements of the Excelerate investment to date.

“The Edge Foundation is an organisation we have long been inspired by for its role as a thought leader and advocates for change. We are delighted that our schools have had the opportunity to share their journeys in this way to hopefully inspire and empower others to embrace the possibilities of system change in education.

“Our thanks to the schools for their time and candour in contributing to this report.”

Read more about the work of Edge here and read the report here.