YPI Scotland

As the academic year draws to a close, we have a chance to recognise the incredible impact educators have on the lives of our young people and communities.

Our UK Director Ali MacLachlan shares her thanks for those we are proud to work in partnership alongside to empower young people with the skills, experiences, platforms, and opportunities to be the successful citizens of today and tomorrow.

“Each year we like to take a moment at the end of the summer term to reflect on the commitment and the amazing work of Scotland’s education workforce. But this year, that gratitude is even deeper.

“The final term of 2019/20 was so difficult as the world was thrown into disarray. Everyone was in firefighting mode. Teachers provided a vital, consistent support to young people. Never did I imagine writing a year later that this tumult would continue and we would still be managing such continued disruption.

“From adapting to remote teaching, to developing vital community partnerships, to working within new assessment structures – teachers have been the swans of the crisis for their students. So many tireless hours, so much hard work, and lots of difficult questioning and decision making to provide calm and clarity for young people.

“Through our YPI, RAiSE, and Excelerate investments, we have the privilege of working alongside school teams the length and breadth of the country. With so many unknown factors at play and real logistical challenges to contend with, ambition for change and growth could have been put on hold. This did not happen. We are so proud to call these schools our partners with teachers who reimagined challenges as opportunities, adapted, upskilled, and did things differently.

“We must also celebrate and voice our immense pride in young people. This is a generation-defining time and to navigate this pandemic while contending with all the pressure and challenges of growing up must be incredibly difficult. There have been so many inspiring examples of young people committing to growth, change, and impact. That makes us very hopeful for the future.

“There have been a great many lessons learned this year that will inform how we continue to drive change going forward. Thank you to those who are on this journey with us.”