YPI Scotland

The Wood Foundation has appointed Lucia Giuntoli to the newly created position of YPI Scotland Partnerships Manager.

Lucia joins The Wood Foundation following a successful career connecting businesses to the education sector.

She will be responsible for managing relationships with YPI’s network of likeminded funding partners, enhancing engagement with the third sector and strengthening connections with peer organisations across Scotland, as well as event coordination and being involved with the operational delivery with the programme.

Lucia said:

“YPI offers such a great opportunity for partnerships which are mutually beneficial. The young people can learn so much from external partners, and the partners can learn a great deal from the young people. I am really looking forward to working with our existing partners, as well as developing new relationships, to enhance the incredible work undertaken to date and see how we can further develop that to ensure maximum benefit is being derived.”

Upon leaving school, Lucia worked at RBS for three years in a job she secured through a school-based competition. She added:

“I have first-hand experience of just how impactful a non-traditional, real-world opportunity at school can be. That competition changed the course of my career and, since then, I have been committed to bringing the real world of opportunities to life for young people.

“I met Ali and the team a number of years ago while in a previous role and was hugely impressed with the expertise, values, and ambition of The Wood Foundation, and I’ve remained an advocate for their work ever since. I am delighted to be in this position which offers the chance to make such a difference to so many people.”

Following her time at RBS, Lucia worked with Elevator in Tayside and the North-east, developing and managing education engagement opportunities focussed on enterprise and entrepreneurship. She then worked at the University of Aberdeen’s Business School, establishing business relationships to enhance students’ opportunities, as well as supporting its global accreditation journey.

UK Director Ali MacLachlan said:

“Lucia is a great addition to our team. Her experience in developing and managing long-term partnerships, recognising synergies, and realising deep and lasting, mutually-beneficial opportunities will add value to our YPI network.”