YPI Scotland

Colleagues from across The Wood Foundation’s UK team share their reflections of 2022 and their hopes for our continuing impact.

I am proud of:

Gayle Duffus, Education Director: “Our Excelerate oracy and project-based learning initiatives have engaged motivated leads who are developing protocols in practice and cascading their learning. They are really embracing the opportunities of these rich professional learning opportunities and making the links which engage learners and promote high-quality teaching and learning.”

Lucia Giuntoli, YPI Partnerships Manager: “I am proud that we have partners who share similar values and are passionate about developing young people in Scotland.”

Carolyn Mitchell, Office Manager: “I support and work within an inspiring team and organisation that deliver such meaningful and impactful work, where no two days are the same, presenting variety and learning day-to-day.”

Laura McCafferty, National Education Officer (RAiSE): “RAiSE continues to grow and flourish with an amazing PSDO network. We are flexible and responsive locally and nationally, connecting beyond STEM. I am proud to lead this passionate team that has such enthusiasm for STEM.”

I learned:

Mel Liddell, Learning and Evaluation Manager: “I learned how important, meaningful, and powerful our partnerships and relationships truly are in what we do.”

Rebecca Cheyne, YPI Programme Officer: “I have learned a lot within the first four weeks of my role at The Wood Foundation. Giving young people the platform to drive positive change has never been more important and I am very much looking forward to supporting North-east schools to maximise the impact of YPI.”

Layla Edrich, Excelerate Programme Coordinator: “I work with an open-minded, forward-thinking team and it is clear this is so important for the investment’s success. It’s important to always listen and be open to learning. There are so many opportunities for that within Excelerate.”

Olivia Anderson, Administrator: “We have continued to learn from new processes and structures which are making a real difference to the effectiveness of our programmes.”

I am excited for:

Lynsey Brosnan, YPI Development Lead: “We remain committed to supporting the best quality outcomes for all involved through YPI. I am excited about continuing to learn from, engage, and work with practitioners, partners, and young people to support this.”

Georgea Hughes, Programmes Director: “After a three-year hiatus, we are planning for the return of GLP working alongside our partners Red Earth and IEE in Uganda and Rwanda. I am looking forward to engaging our waiting list of teachers for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We will also be welcoming new schools and BCSOs to our Excelerate investment. There are many opportunities on the horizon as Excelerate empowers our partners to innovate, collaborate, and drive real change with impact in the education system.”

Suzanne Mackie, Communications Manager: “The connections that continue to be formed between our investments are fuelling innovation and transferable learning. I am looking forward to this continuing to grow in 2023 and sharing the stories of empowered, inspirational people and organisations involved with our work.”

Alex Reid, YPI Delivery Lead: “It will be wonderful for more student teams to be able to meet their charities in person and see their brilliant work first hand now that we are coming out of the pandemic, as this is often the part of the journey where YPI comes to life for young people. 2023 marks the 15th anniversary of YPI so it will be great to reflect on its impact and renew our ambition for the next generation of students.”

Ali MacLachlan, UK Director of The Wood Foundation, said:

“Our team and work have grown this year. It is a great opportunity that as the calendar of 2022 draws to a close, we look back to celebrate success, recognise learning, and be ambitious for that can be achieved in 2023.

“Thank you to Team TWF for your dedication to our important work. And thank you to our partners for working with commitment and courage to do things differently and help to shape a better present and future.

“We wish all our stakeholders a great festive season and Happy New Year, and look forward to re-engaging once the mince pies are stored away again when we will be reflecting on how our continued ambition can be developed into reality.”