“These are unprecedented times and I am incredibly proud of how our team is rising to the challenge to support the vital work of The Wood Foundation,” Ali MacLachlan, UK Director of The Wood Foundation.  

“We are living in challenging times and the pace of change is incredible.

“It is undoubtedly an unsettling and uncertain period which impacts almost every aspect of our lives – including our work here at The Wood Foundation.

“Looking out to society, there are so many actions to be humbled, impressed and inspired by. From the work of our amazing NHS and key workers, to communities rallying together to protect their vulnerable, and the development and ingenuity displayed in creating new ways to support our children through this upheaval to their lives.

“From a professional point of view, I am unsurprised by how our team has responded to the entirely unforeseen challenges thrust their way which we could not possibly have imagined or planned for a few short months ago. While I am unsurprised, I remain impressed and incredibly proud of the innovation and commitment displayed to adapting our delivery models and working practices.

“As a foundation, we are venture philanthropists with a ‘funder plus’ approach and are in supportive dialogue with our partners and stakeholders. While our programmes cannot go ahead as planned, we are working in collaboration to provide short, medium and long-term support and solutions to ensure we are providing necessary added value at this time.

“We do not know what the weeks and months ahead hold. What seemed like something from a dystopian novel or drama at the beginning of this month is our new norm as we close out March. What remains unchanged, and I am confident will continue to do so, is the will to make the absolute most of the circumstances we face. I can confirm that will certainly be the position of The Wood Foundation.”