The Wood Foundation works in partnership with RAiSE authorities to support a contextualised learning and evaluation framework which informs ambition and activities.

Mel Liddell, Learning and Evaluation Manager, shares the purpose and impact of the mid-point evaluations which are designed in collaboration with authorities to reflect on the first year of the investment to inform the planning for the second year.

“The bespoke mid-point evaluation is designed to capture what science and STEM provision has worked well for practitioners, preferred professional learning delivery and what further support and/or professional learning they would like. It builds upon the baseline activity undertaken the previous year which established the Primary Science Development Officers’ (PSDO) action plans.

“The engagement from primary practitioners informs the evolution of the programme offering, ensuring RAiSE is meeting the science and STEM needs across the authority. It provides a solid grounding for ‘you said, we did’ approach.

“PSDOs are working on the very latest intelligence and insight of practitioners so that all work is truly relevant and contextualised.

“RAiSE has three key evaluation touchpoints with practitioners: baseline, mid-point, and reflection. This ensures PSDOs have vital information to be providing impactful, needed professional learning and support, and then the experiences of the authority are used in the wider development and evolution of the national RAiSE network.

“PSDOs will capture reflections at each professional learning opportunity. This is very much a programme designed to respond to, and anticipate, practitioner need so this learning loop is vitally important.”