Gatsby Charitable Foundation

Gatsby Charitable Foundation

Lord David Sainsbury set up Gatsby in 1967 to support causes in areas he is passionate about, including science and economic development. Gatsby has worked in Africa since 1985 to create jobs, raise incomes and accelerate economic growth. It now funds and implements programmes to transform key sectors in East Africa via a long-term, holistic approach. The Wood Foundation Africa has partnered with Gatsby in its two tea industry programmes in Rwanda and Tanzania. The two foundations jointly own East African Tea Investments (EATI), a company limited by guarantee with charitable status, which holds a majority share in two tea factories in Rwanda.

UK Aid


The UK Department for International Development (DFID) has joined The Wood Foundation Africa in several of its regional programmes. In Tanzania, DFID has co-funded the Chai Project to enhance the livelihoods of smallholder tea farmers and improve overall competitiveness of the sector. This includes financial support to the Njombe greenfield development.  More recently, DFID has also joined TWFA and Gatsby as a co-investor in two major greenfield developments in Rwanda.



Unilever is a major tea company buying around 10% of the world’s black tea and has been awarded two greenfield tea concessions in Rwanda. Unilever will establish core tea estates and a factory but the majority of the tea will be sourced from smallholders under a partnership with the Wood Foundation Africa, which will establish a smallholder services company to provide technical assistance and patient capital to plant out smallholder tea and ensure the sustainable provision of professional farmer services.


Luxmi Tea Company

Luxmi Tea was founded in India in 1912, is part of the Luxmi Group of companies.  Luxmi Tea presently owns 17 tea estates and 13 tea factories throughout India.  The Luxmi Group are considered leaders in manufacturing innovative value added tea products that are sold/marketed directly to consumers both in India as well as in high value markets in Europe, the United States and Japan.  Luxmi Tea has partnered with TWFA in a major smallholder greenfield development in Rwanda.

Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH)

The Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH)

IDH The Sustainable Trade Initiative accelerates and up-scales sustainable trade by building impact oriented coalitions of front running companies, civil society organizations, governments and other stakeholders. With a co-funding grant from the Dutch, Swiss, Danish and Norwegian Governments, IDH runs public-private, precompetitive market transformation programs in 10 commodities and works on sustainable landscape management in 10 landscapes. As part of the IDH tea program IDH is presently providing targeted financial support to the Mulindi and Shagasha tea factories in Rwanda in areas related to Greenleaf quality and yield enhancement, people development, and certification.